How to Purchase 

Simple - just:

  • decide what you would like and either phone or send me an email (see "CONTACT") - note you can request a different stone/design combination);

  • I will confirm availability, cost and likely delivery time;

  • when you confirm your order, I will advise my account details so you can arrange a bank transfer of the agreed amount OR you can provide your credit card details (note that this website never sees any of this so your security is not compromised and credit card details will not be retained);

  • I will post the items by Australia Post (Express Post parcel) and email you the tracking code so you know what's happening;

  • you can usually expect to receive the item within a few business days (longer if overseas); and

  • if you are not satisfied, email me immediately and return the item - I will refund the purchase amount on receipt.



Pieces are made in sterling silver (92.5% silver) - or 9 or 18 ct gold on request. All metals are sourced from a reputable Australian manufacturer. 


Pendants are normally photographed on "LCD" or "Belcher" sterling silver chain - but other types are available. 



Earrings can be wires supplied as wires (hooks), ball-studs or continental clips - you choose.



Regardless of the design and stone selected, I will need to know the size required - either the Australian ring size or the internal diameter in millimeters (see table below).  The ring should be a firm (but not too tight) fit over the knuckle.

Chain_LCD60_600x600 B.jpg

LCD Chain

belcher_B4_610x606 B.jpg

Belcher - B1 (2mm) or B1a (2.5mm)